Self-Service Laundry

Lather Daddy is a self-service coin-operated laundromat in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.  We offer a variety of washers and dryers to suit your needs, and our goal is to make your laundry experience as quick and pleasant as possible.

We have 22 single load washers, two 30-lb washers, three 45-lb washers, and one extra large 62-lb washer.  Prices are as follows:
$2.75 – single load washer
$5.00 – 30-lb (triple load) washer
$6.00 – 45-lb washer
$7.50 – 62-lb washer

We have 22 single load dryers and eight 30-lb dryers.
6 minutes/$.25 – single load dryer
4 minutes/$.25 – 30-lb dryer

We recently upgraded all of our larger washer and dryers to Electrolux, one of the best brands available.


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