Drop-Off Service

Don’t have time to do your laundry?  Let us do it for you!  We offer a drop-off service and are usually able to turn your order around within the day.  We charge $1.90 per pound with an 10 pound minimum.  We separate colors from whites, and we will go through your pockets so that you don’t lose any loose change or important receipts and so that we don’t accidentally wash your iPod or other valuable non-wash-cycle-friendly valuables.

Terms and Conditions:

Lather Daddy’s goal is to take the best care of your garments possible. There are slight possibilities that a garment may be damaged or lost. Therefore a guideline must be established by Lather Daddy for its customers to ensure that each issue is dealt with in a timely and consistent manner.

By asking for service the customer agrees to the following stipulations.

Fading is a natural occurrence in laundering. There are some stains that have been scientifically proven not to appear until exposed to water or heat. Such stains typically have sugar base. The customer must let us know about stains that are of particular concern. We do not use bleach unless requested to do so by the customer, so bleach damage claims will be disregarded.

Regarding to damaged or lost dropped off wash and fold garments, our policy does not support the normal and inevitable fading or shrinking that occurs during any wash and fold process. If your wash and fold garments have been damaged while being processed through our system, and we determine that we are at fault, then the reimbursement for the garment will be the market value of the garment, considering the depreciation brought about by age and use. The maximum reimbursement for a single wash and fold garment is $10 with a maximum order reimbursement of $100. In the event that a garment is lost by Lather Daddy, we are not responsible for the garment unless you have filled out an inventory sheet. If you have supplied an inventory sheet at the time of drop off, and we do not return a garment to you, then we will reimburse you according to the above guidelines.

In our many years of operation, Lather Daddy has found that customers sometimes suspect or assume that Lather Daddy has lost one of their garments when they cannot find it after receiving their garments back. We take extraordinary care in all of our work. We have found that nearly 100% of the time the customer has misplaced the garment themselves and finds it sometime later. As such, in order for Lather Daddy to honor any complaints or issues with wash and fold, the customer must fill out an inventory sheet prior to pickup.

While we make every effort to check pockets thoroughly for items that may damage your garments during the wash and fold process, we take no responsibility if any damage occurs as a result of contents that were in the pockets of your garments. Furthermore, although we have returned many types of items, including cash and debit cards, after finding items in dropped off laundry pockets, we are not responsible in any way for items that the customer claims were included in his/her order that we have not found ourselves.

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