About Us

Lather Daddy, formerly known as The 12th Ave Laundry, was founded by Paul Remillard back in the late 1980s, when the Shurgard Building was first constructed. Paul ran the business until his son Ken took it over in 2004. Due to many work and family commitments, Ken decided to sell the the laundromat, and in January of 2011, Lather Daddy was born!

A lot of people find doing laundry to be a tedious chore, and our goal is to make the whole process as simple and enjoyable as possible. We always have an attendant on site to answer any of your questions and to keep the facility clean. We offer free Wi-Fi, vintage video and pinball games, a selection of magazines and books for your entertainment while you wait. We also have snacks and drinks available if you are feeling hungry or parched.

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